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We at Foospot believe in R(evolution). We believe that evolution of Parking industry is seemingly inevitable and we are working towards this. By connecting drivers through our apps, we make cities more accessible, opening up more possibilities for happy riders and more love for your work. From our founding in 2015 to our launches in some places within Delhi, Foospot's rapidly expanding presence shall continue to bring people and their cities closer.

The Team

We're experienced engineers, software & harware developers and entrepreneurs
Rohan Seth
A graduate of NSIT, University Of Delhi, Rohan has experience of working with Texas Instruments Lab at his college and with NXP Semiconductors before this. His forte has been his ability to connect be it be with ‘humans’ or a software-hardware connection.
Ekta Sengar
An active problem-solver and strategist, Ekta has been pivotal in Foospot’s operations and overall development from app to workforce. Previously, she has worked for Freescale Semiconductors as SoC Architect. Ekta holds a B.S. in Electronics & Communication from DTU (erstwhile DCE).
Vishal Singh
Previously a Developer with S&P, Vishal has proven to be an inspirational leader who can deliver exceptional mission critical software. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from NSIT, University Of Delhi and leads the Mobile Technology Side of the enterpsrise.